Five ways to enjoy the classy side of Vegas


Most of us know Las Vegas as a somewhat showy, touristy destination. Indeed, it's the bright lights, massive spectacles, and party atmosphere that tend to generate people's fascination with Vegas, and it's the vices associated with the city that bring in flocks of visitors every year. However there's another side to Vegas - one that classy, sophisticated and incredibly relaxing.


Here are 5 ways to enjoy the stylish and classy side of Las Vegas.

1. Choose a stylish hotel

This isn't to suggest that the average Vegas resort doesn't have its classy side. But it's certainly true that some cater more to the glamorous atmosphere and focus a bit less on comfort and class. One particular resort to consider is the ARIA, one of the newest hotels in Vegas, where you'll find an emphasis on comfort and quality, rather than statues and lights.

2. Watch a show or two

The night life in Vegas is a major draw, but again if you're looking for a classier way to spend your evenings than dancing and drinking in a packed club, catch one of the town's world-renowned shows. From Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group, to passing concert tours and even the occasional major athletic event, Vegas is full of incredible acts that can perfectly cap off a beautiful evening.

3. Focus on the bars

For another alternative to nightclubs, focus on some of the more casual bars in Vegas. These too are spectacular, and can make for very entertaining nights, but with a bit of a more relaxed vibe. Look into the Minus 5 "ice bar" at Mandalay Bay, or the Mirage's Rhumbar, or even Parasol Up & Down at the Wynn. Each of these bars offers a unique atmosphere, impressive and inventive drink menu, and beautiful d├ęcor.

4. Play cards, not slots

Slot machines and other jingling computer games on casino floors can be fun, and they're easy to enjoy for a few minutes, but if you really want to gamble, step your game up and approach a card table. It's simple: blackjack and poker, while riskier and a bit more intimidating, are the classier options. The card tables give you a great way to enjoy casinos without feeling like you're just tossing money away.

5. Enjoy pools & spas

Finally, if you're looking for a relaxing way to spend your days in Vegas, explore the various pool and spa options. From relaxing in an ornate, beautiful pool, to renting out a day cabana with drink service, the outdoors are always fun and relaxing at Vegas resorts. Meanwhile, the spa treatments at many of these hotels are absolutely world-class, and can be incredibly relaxing.

This guest post was written by Carson Bland.

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