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A world away from the sandy, sun-scorched Greek islands, this lush region is one of soaring pine-studded peaks, deep river gorges and dramatic Ionian coastlineā€¦

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About Epirus

This little-known mountain region in the far northwestern corner of the mainland may not be the most easily accessible, but spellbinding scenery and a wild, adventurous spirit makes this one of Greece’s best kept secrets.  

Walk among a soaring verdant landscape, explore folkloric mountain villages or trek wild forests where wolves and brown bear roam. Venture to the vertiginous peaks of the Pindus Mountains, where sheer cliffs disappear into verdant river valleys below in the world’s deepest gorge.

Drive among a landscape strewn with remnants of the past, clifftop monasteries and 18th-century stone arched bridges, or head down the coast to Paraga, a blissful sandy bay peppered with pretty pastel houses that seem to tumble down the mountainside into sparkling waters.