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Escape to Australia for a life less ordinary - from the sun-kissed sandbanks and turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef to spectacular cities and boundless wild beauty.

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Adventures abound on this far-flung island continent, so teeming with treasures you’d need a lifetime to see them all. Start with the main event - the majestic coral islands that scatter  Queensland’s seaboard - so spectacular they can be seen from space. Sail the sapphire shallows of the Whitsundays or snorkel the heavenly sub-aqua landscapes.

Soak up the sophisticated beach scene in Port Douglas, where sailing style meets city chic, or head further south to windswept swathes of sand that fringe the stylish cities of the great Gold Coast.

For dramatic, untamed landscapes make for the rugged island outpost of Tasmania, where deserted beaches and pristine shorelines await. Here you’ll find cool, contemporary accommodation, the perfect contrast to this island’s stark natural beauty.