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Synonymous with Cycladic chic, Greece’s glamorous islands scatter like gems across the Aegean Sea; sparkling specks encircled by a dazzling turquoise-blue, as coveted today as they were by the great civilisations of old.

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Head to Mykonos for a hedonistic combination of Hollywood glamour and seductive scenery, where you’ll find the same carefree vibe that attracted the summering starlets of the sixties. Or step back in time through Crete’s many treasures, her depth of history rivalled only by her beauty, with her sparkling seas and soaring snow-capped peaks.

Spend chic summers in Santorini, the most stylish of Grecian getaways, where whitewashed houses cling to rugged cliffs, blue-domed roofs rising over the inky waters of the Caldera. Explore pristine beaches, from glistening volcanic pebbles to red rock formations sinking into cerulean waters. Or head to pared-back Paros for relaxed charms far from the crowds and traditional yet stylish seaside cafes.

Whichever Grecian gem you choose, be sure to retreat to the comfort of your hilltop villa, where you’ll spend long, languid days gazing out over the cliffs from your infinity pool, horizon melting in a blue-hued haze. Take refuge in the purity of its sleek minimalism, pristine white lines and cool, contemporary interiors juxtaposing the sensational sapphire between the sea and sky.