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To the north, you’ll find untamed beauty - the bucolic fields of Normandy and sweeping beaches and ancient forests of Brittany. Enjoy a sprawling seafront villa on the wild windswept dunes of the mid-Atlantic coast at Poitou-Charentes, or a country mansion in the vine-striped hills of Cognac country. Continue down the coast to discover the old-world glamour of Aquitaine - the heart of French wine country, where every map of the Bordeaux region reads like a well-chosen wine list. Further south still, you'll find the old-world elegance of the Basque coast peppered with Belle Époque beach resorts like Biarritz.

Inland, the ravishing hills of the Dordogne and Loire Valley paint a perfect picture of quintessentially French countryside. Once home to kings and noblemen, the landscapes here are dotted with elegant reminders of a bygone era, from medieval towns to fairytale chateaux - the essence of fine French living at its most opulent. Dividing the coasts, the snow-capped peaks of the Midi-Pyrénées soar in the south, while in the east the frosted Alps stretch skyward, giving way to the rolling hills of the Languedoc and the furrowed fields of fragrant lavender that so epitomise Provence.

On the Mediterranean coast, you’re at the fabulous heart of the French Riviera, perfectly poised to enjoy some of Europe’s chicest resorts. From the golden age glamour of Nice, to the sparkling shores of St. Tropez and the heady hedonism of Cannes, these dazzling resorts have long been among the most popular in Europe, coveted by starlets, celebrities and jetsetters alike.