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Island-hop in the idyllic Aegean, from the Greek mainland to the Turkish Coast.

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About Aegean Islands

From lush Samos in the south to Thassos in the north, this scattering of isolated islands is often overlooked, yet offer an unspoilt taste of old-world Greece.

While all are characterised by a peppering of white and blue villas and similar landscapes, you’ll find each of these islets has its own individual character. From Lesvos’ soothing springs, beautiful beaches and gnarled olive groves, to Chios’ bygone Byzantine world - medieval mansions, monasteries and fortified villages.

These islands may not offer the traditional sun and sand often synonymous with Greece, but travellers to these less-trodden locales will be rewarded with unspoilt beaches, spectacular seafood and a glimpse into the ancient character and rich history of these intriguing lands.