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Enjoy sparkling seas, soaring peaks and long, languid summers on this Aegean island, whose beauty is only rivalled by her depth of history...

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About Crete

Encircled by a dazzling fringe of turquoise flecked with darkest blue, you’ll soon see why the mighty Minoans, Europe’s first great civilisation, laid claim to this fabled land. Step back in time through Crete’s many treasures, traces of bygone societies who sought after the island. Take in the grandeur of the Minoan Palace at Knossos or stroll the Venetian streets of picturesque Chania harbour, peppered with pretty boutiques.

From the seclusion of your luxury villa, you’ll get a taste of timeless Crete. Choose from properties perched above the fine-sand beaches and glittering lagoons that dot the northern coast, or opt for the rugged cliffs and hidden pink coves of the southern shores. Either way you’ll enjoy a backdrop of the lofty White Mountains at the island's centre, snow-capped peaks soaring in the distance.

Lose yourself in lazy villages, white houses clustered at the water’s edge or spend long days gazing out into the mesmerising blue from the comfort of your infinity pool. By night, your chef will whip up Cretan cuisine - thick crumbly cheeses drizzled in local olive oil and honey, washed down with a glass of home-grown wine. Breathe in the fragrant mountain breeze, laced with wild thyme and rosemary, as you look down on the twinkling lights of the harbour below.