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Ever since Jackie O, Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot first put this island on the jet-set’s radar, this chic corner of the Cyclades has been the place to see and be seen.

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About Mykonos

A hedonistic combination of Hollywood glamour and seductive scenery, Mykonos maintains the same carefree vibe that attracted the summering starlets of the sixties, while catering to those with a penchant for decadence.

For a taste of island indulgence, head to upmarket haunt Nammos, where you’ll be amongst a crowd of affluent Athenians, lounging models, bohemian artists and A-listers. Relax under a parasol, listening to dulcet beach club beats while cobalt blue waters lap against the shore. Feast on fresh-caught calamari, unwind over a long lunch with a few bottles of champagne, or stay into the evening when the real party begins.

Wander the cobblestoned streets of Chora, meandering past whitewashed churches and blue domed roofs, pausing at a boutique or gallery. Or charter a yacht to neighbouring Rhenia, where you’ll find unspoilt beaches, sugary sand and emerald waters dappled with inky blues. Come the evening, return to the sweet seclusion of your luxurious villa. Gaze out over the azure waters of the Aegean, the buttery smell of garlic drifting from the kitchen where your dinner is being prepared. Let the refreshing summer Meltemi wind wash over you, as the passing boats drift languidly across the sparkling horizon.