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Be seduced by this most stylish of Grecian getaways, clutches of white houses cascading down the rugged red cliff face into the azure waters of the Aegean that beckon below.

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About Santorini

The southernmost island of the Cyclades, Santorini’s dramatic beauty is undeniable. Blue-domed roofs preside over the inky waters of the Caldera, white-topped crosses stark against a brilliant blue sky. Pretty blue shutters punctuate whitewashed houses, streaked with fronds of fuchsia bougainvillea, blindingly white in the midday sun.

Spend long, languid days in pure, unadulterated relaxation - gazing out over the cliffs of the Caldera from your infinity pool, horizon swimming in a blue-hued haze. Take refuge in the pared-back minimalism of your hilltop villa, all pristine white lines and cool, contemporary interiors - highlighting the vivid sapphire of the sea and sky.

Drag yourself away from your hilltop retreat and explore the island’s pristine beaches, the famous stretches of sand on the southern end of the island, from glistening volcanic pebbles to red rock formations sinking into cerulean waters. Stroll the jewellery boutiques in glamorous Oia, with its winding narrow streets, or pause for a lazy, candlelit dinner at one of the high-end restaurants or traditional tavernas, where local delicacies like squid and urchin are served straight from the sea. Fall in love all over again, as you watch the fiery sun sink over the vast volcanic bay, ships trailing across the scarlet sea.