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A smattering of some 17,000 castaway islands scattered across an effervescent ocean, Indonesia makes for an intoxicatingly exotic adventure.

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From soaring, mist-veiled volcanoes to the swathes of coconut-white sand that fringe its myriad islands, Indonesia handsomely rewards travellers prepared to venture a little farther into her mysteries.

Revel in Bali’s tranquil beauty, where laid-back luxury and serene spirituality will soothe your soul. From emerald-green rice paddies peppered with the prettiest tiered temples, to wild wave-whipped shores, shimmering black sand beaches and chalky coves, you’re blessed with landscapes as diverse as they are breathtakingly beautiful.

For real barefoot bliss, escapists should head to little-known Lombok for a taste of old-world Asia. Here you’ll find deserted streaks of sun-kissed shores, barely trodden beaches backed by the cloud-capped peaks of the mighty Gunung Rinjani volcano. Sub-aqua enthusiasts will be seduced by the diving and snorkelling in the coral triangle - the underwater equivalent of the Amazon. Head to the fabled Gili Islands, where translucent waters teem with more marine life than anywhere else on the planet.