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Soothe your soul in serene Lombok, where languid, old-world Asia is juxtaposed against the most dynamic of landscapes, blindingly white beaches and heart-stoppingly high peaks.

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About Lombok

Far from languishing in bigger sister Bali’s shadow, little-known Lombok is less well-trodden, and all the more beguiling for it. You’ll find no resorts here, no glitz, no glam. But what Lombok lacks in fame, she more than makes up for with some of Indonesia’s most spellbinding scenery.

Revel in the sweet seclusion of your expansive villa, nestled among a peaceful palm grove on the serene south coast. From your marshmallow of a bed, you’ll spot the streak of sun-kissed shore, coconut-white sand against emerald blue waters. Stroll down to the deserted beach, leave the first pair of footprints in the sand, or snorkel the ever-inviting waters.

If you can drag yourself away from the silken sands on your doorstep, there’s plenty more on offer in this castaway corner of paradise. Hike the heady peaks of mighty Gunung Rinjani volcano, where you’ll be rewarded with a dazzling crater lake and hot springs at the summit. Or set a course for the fabled Gili Islands, just 20 minutes by yacht charter - three specks of sugar-white sand amid the endless blue of the Indian ocean. Dive the crystal waters, before heading back to dinner on deck as the sun sinks below the horizon, castaway under a canopy of stars.