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Begin your love affair with the Italian Lakes - their tranquil waters, soaring cloud-clung peaks, and timeless Italian elegance.

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Vast alpine vistas, glossy waters and bougainvillea-veiled towns - Lake Como boasts an allure that has endured since wealthy Romans first visited these restorative shores. Be beguiled by the most opulent of villas, century-old pastel pillars sinking into the shores of the lake itself. Take in charmingly traditional towns, pristine villages and secluded spots from which to admire the views.

Dine among the fashionable crowd in Bellagio at one of the many lakefront restaurants, enjoying an aperitivo as boats trace languidly across the waters. From Michelin-starred restaurant Al Sorriso to traditional trattoria’s serving home-made pappardelle, you’ll find superlative regional produce that makes for many a gastronomic delight.

Soak up the sweeping lake views your shorefront terrace or take a refreshing dip in the private pool whilst gazing out over the cloud-laced mountaintops. Come the evening, select a bottle of wine from your cellar filled with Piemonte’s finest, strolling through the manicured grounds down private stone steps directly to the lake where your private speed boat awaits. Savour the world famous wine as the sun sinks behind the Rhaetian Alps - relaxed, refined and truly opulent, this is the epitome of Italian indulgence.