Luxury home and villa rentals in Malaysian Borneo

Villas in Malaysian Borneo

From ancient rainforest to the snow-capped Mount Kinabalu, hidden waterfalls and tribal cultures lost in time, unleash your inner-adventurer in mysterious Borneo.

About Malaysian Borneo

Discover a land synonymous with adventure, a remote jungle beauty that may be off the beaten track, but still offers the intrepid the very utmost in elegant escapism.

Touch down in Kuching, Borneo’s charming colonial river city, peppered with chinese temples. From here, you’re within easy reach of Sarawak’s stunning national parks - home to half of all known plant and animal species in the world. Immerse yourself in nature at your sprawling tree-top eco lodge, nestled high above the the mist-clung canopy. Trek rugged karst mountains, marvel at orangutans, spot cloudy leopards as you boat the glossy rivers that wind through the undergrowth, or brave the ‘old tribal war path dubbed the ‘headhunters trail’.

After all that adventure, wind-down with some beachfront bliss on one of Borneo’s secluded stretches of palm-fringed sand. Maroon yourself on one of the idyllic islets that scatter the coast, enveloped by translucent turquoise waters. Charter a yacht to world-renowned dive site Sipadan, a mere speck of sand in the Celebes Sea. Sink into the depths, through schools of shimmering fish, curious turtles, graceful mantas and perhaps even the dappled giants of the deep, the elusive whale shark.