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Villas in Peninsular Malaysia

Stretching from Thailand in the North to Singapore in the South, the Malay Peninsular boasts a diverse array of delights - from sophisticated sky-topping cities to untamed jungles and blissful beaches.

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About Peninsular Malaysia

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of Malaysia’s captivating culture. Touch down in affluent capital Kuala Lumpur for a taste of uber-luxe urban chic, where soaring skyscrapers cater to a cosmopolitan city set.

A short drive from KL, the popular west coast islands await. Hole up on the villa-only private island of Pangkor, where secluded over-water villas pepper white sand shores, the last word in beachfront luxury. For those more culturally inclined, Penang’s old world colonial charm and gastronomic gems make it well worth a trip.  

For adventurers seeking escapism, the lesser-known east coast is a heavenly hideaway - old world Malaysia with traditional fishing villages fringed by coconut palms and flawless beaches with silken sand. Snorkel the offshore islands and revel in sweet respite. Inland, the Cameron Highlands blanket the hills, dotted with tea plantations and interrupted by cascading waterfalls. Further south still, pop across to Singapore, finishing up the day dining on top of the world at one of the exquisite high-rise restaurants, sparkling city unfurling beneath you.