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Experience exotic Arabia in intoxicating Morocco - from wild, windswept beaches to the purple-tipped peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the eternal sands of the Sahara.

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Indulge in Morocco’s timeless mystique - from ancient medinas to bustling souks, and the wild windswept beaches of the Atlantic coast. Attracting a chic, winter-sun seeking crowd in search of high-end escapism, this Moorish marvel offers the utmost in luxury from sumptuous spas to sprawling colonial Riads, yet has still managed to retain its exotic Arabian charm.

Lose yourself in the frenetic pace of Marrakech, pink-hued ramparts rising from the desert. Relax on the rooftop of your 18th-century Riad, a welcome respite from the labyrinthine medina and bustling souks below - the Muezzin’s call to prayer echoing across the city below.

To the west, you’ll find the wind-whipped waves of Essaouira, coveted by wind and kite surfers the world over. Stroll the soothing swathes of golden shoreline or drive the desert dunes by quad bike. Outside of the cities, discover a land lost in time, where traditional Berber villages nestle amid the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and camels cast long shadows over the shifting sands of the eternal Sahara.