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Oman is a rare mix of the exotic and familiar, the traditional and modern - offering a glimpse into old-world Arabia’s arresting magic.

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About Oman

This is not the Middle East of shopping malls and high-rises, of developments and opulent wealth; it is the Arabia of old – of endless desert, welcoming wadis, village oases and stark, beautiful mountains. With a host of slick villas and stylish properties dotted around the country, ranging from dream desert camps to ornate palaces – this destination begs to be discovered.

Oman’s low-rise towns retain their traditional charms, a beguiling Bedouin culture still very much a part of life here. You’ll find an astonishing abundance of natural beauty, dramatic yet diverse, from soaring mountains to wind-whipped desert and miles of untouched beaches - all the ingredients for an epic adventure.

Revel in an eco-luxe villa, neatly nestled between the brilliant blue sea and rugged, hulking mountains. Palms sway on the powder sand shore - fronds reflected in the waters of your infinity pool while butlers busy themselves buggying you between the sensational spa. Indulge in treatments combining the best of east and west - figs, almond powder and the silkiest of honey, soothingly slicked onto sun-scorched skin.