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Villas in Minorca (Menorca)

For low-key luxury, head to this easternmost Balearic island - where sun-drenched beaches and miles of soothing shoreline await…

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About Minorca (Menorca)

From the shell-shaped bays that pocket the northern coast, to the silky sands of the south coast, Menorca’s main draw is her stunning stretch of unspoilt coastline.

Unwind on these sun-beached shores, stroll miles of meandering coastal paths and marvel at the mystery of the Bronze Age stone golems that scatter the island.

If you can drag yourself away from the blissful beaches, explore the Anglo-Spanish Maó with its Georgian-style mansions, or head to the old port city of Ciutadella, whose medina-esque medieval streets are peppered with palaces and churches, perfect for exploring by candlelight.