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About Sri Lanka

A tear-cut treasure sparkling in the Indian Ocean, this is one of Asia’s great marvels - an exotic island cloaked in mist and shrouded in mystery.

Fringed by a ring of sun-soaked, surf-strewn sands, be seduced by Sri Lanka’s wildly beautiful beaches. Untamed jungle encroaches onto white sand shores, wind-skewed palms leant over miles of sand trodden only by nesting turtles. On the south coast, your villa atop a bluff offers the utmost in beachfront bliss, the sprawling oceanfront pool a perfect spot to catch surfers or even breaching whales in the waves beyond.

Beyond these serene shores, explore an endless green interior that time forgot. Undulating velvet peaks and emerald-tiered tea fields peppered with colonial-era hill stations. Revel in the history at Sigiriya, an ancient rock palace in the sky, where saffron-robed monks stroll majestic water gardens. Soothe yourself in the Buddhist culture, from temples draped in garlands of jasmine to sacred festivals and the spectacular holy city of Kandy. Give your private chef the night off and arrange a tented dinner at one of Sri Lanka’s jungle camps, where elephants roam, buffalo graze and leopards lurk.