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A cultural crossroads, this mesmerising Mediterranean gem abounds with riches - from her dramatic natural beauty to the wealth of historical ruins that scatter the landscape.

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About Sicily

From the fiery peaks of Mount Etna to the colourful capital Palermo and the crescent bays that fringe the most serene of shorelines, Sicily is utterly unique. Here you’ll find a rich historical tapestry bearing the hallmarks of Europe’s great civilisations. From the shimmering Byzantine mosaics of Palermo’s Palatine Chapel to the majestic Doric temples at Agrigento and theatre at Taormina, alongside countless Roman relics.

Take to the sea to explore the smattering of nearby Aegadian Islands, the rocky coastline of Marettimo caressed by charming crystal waters, or island-hop between Favignana and Levanzo with its pretty little port. For a taste of timeless Sicily, head to Syracuse, where you’ll find sweet lemon trees, bustling piazzas and the historic old town of Ortigia with its medieval streets perfect for strolling.

Step back in time in a ravishing manor house, nestled between the ocean and the restless, snow-topped mountains far beyond. From here, venture to one of the beautifully baroque towns to the south, where you’ll find unspoilt beaches and secret coves. Give your private chef the night off, sampling some of Sicilian specialities, from succulent seafood, steaming fresh from the sea, to the mouthwatering dolci almond laced ricotta desserts the island is famous for, all enjoyed al fresco Mount Etna lighting up the horizon.