The Grand Ball in Monaco

The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses, Monaco

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Delia Grace Noble, Artistic Director and UNICEF Ambassador

There could not be a more perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses, which holds the promise of ultimate glamour and romance in Monte Carlo. In the heart of Monaco’s most splendid venue, this endlessly luxurious Gala will leave an incomparable memory in the hearts of each one of its eminent guests, being no less than one of the most iconic events of the winter season. The royal land is awaiting with pleasure the fortunate presence of the glamorous guests and their sweethearts.

When the Grande dames, with their royal gowns and tiaras, come together with their royal Sires, dressed in monarchical lounge suits and princely ceremonial robes, this glorious twilight will embody a spectacular, real-life fairytale, accomplishing a never-seen-before experience. From imperial stages and musical settings, to extravagant feasts and privileged concourse, each and every thing will be orchestrated in the most elegant and fabulous manner. This magical celebration will be the perfect canvas for a royal aura blended with the touch of contemporary poise, a time that you will never forget, an absolutely unmissable evening.

Come and join the realm of Princes and Princesses on 14th February 2019, and let these glorious hours take you into another world, one of mythical dreams and majestic fancies.


The Grand Ball

The Grand Ball:

The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses is an unmissable Grand ball that will touch the hearts of its guests with joy, magic, greatness, pomp and dynamism. A real-life fairy-tale that will immerse guests in a dream-like space to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a once-in-a-life time experience, unforgettable for any guest. Sophistication, elegance, and aesthetic will fill the Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses. Grandiosity will be at its peak with an exclusive list of distinguished guests.

After tasting exquisite wines and champagnes, the most remarkable moment of the evening will come with the night. Dance floors will be ready to welcome couples with mesmerising music, heightening the magical sense of the event. Renown and eminent personalities attend this Monte Carlo festivity graced by royalty. All A-list guests of the Grand Ball shall follow the dress-code and be dressed in their most sophisticated gowns, becoming themselves part of the magical scenery.


The High Patronage and The Grand Ball Artistic Director

The High Patronage and the Grand Ball Artistic Director:

The Grand Ball is under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Sovereign Albert II of Monaco.

Blending the romantic aura of Valentine’s Day with royalty, the opera singer Delia Grace Noble is the paradigm of inspiration for this occasion. Monegasque of heart, the soprano Delia Grace Noble, who proudly received the UNICEF Ambassador title, is passionately driven by the mission of bringing even more significance and recognition to the Principality of Monaco. The sheer elegance of the theme that will be revolving around this royal event will be strengthened by the emotions the noble guests will experience on the day. Delia Grace Noble has successfully crowned opened the Venice Film Festival with a spectacular one-of-a-kind Grand Ball. With enthusiasm, power, and brilliance, Delia Grace Noble uses a unique approach of meticulously combining royalty with the purest halo of love.


The Charity

The Charity:

The Grand Ball goes beyond a festive evening. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Princess Grace Foundation - Monaco. Founded in 1964 by Princess Grace, the Foundation contributes to humanitarian projects which benefit children and also helps students through cultural projects. Quietly but efficiently, the Foundation keeps on its philanthropic work thanks to the support and generosity of donations.

The primary aim of the Foundation is to help children in hospital and their families. It helps numerous paediatric units throughout French hospitals, in particular in the purchase of equipment necessary for the treatment of young patients. The Foundation helps by providing assistance for the entertainment of sick children by bringing clowns to their bedside, by setting up film screenings or indeed in the organization of holidays. The Foundation also takes an interest in the children’s parents. It helps them by enabling them to stay by their children’s bedsides in hospital and contributes financially to the construction, renovation and upkeep of “Parents’ Houses”.


The Show and Dinner

The Show and Dinner:

An event that holds the promise of being timeless and iconic, The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses is the setting of a second-to-none show. Outstanding artists, singers, and dancers will grace the eyes and hearts of guests who will enjoy an opulent display of craft. The performers will make magic whether through singing, juggling, dancing, or playing music. Closely attuned with this one-off lovely show, the audience will enter a world of magic and charms, with the extraordinary performances of renown entertainers.

The Gala Dinner, signed by one of the finest Michelin-starred chef, will accompany the show to emulate the feeling of dining at a royal banquet hall. It will be graced by significant personalities from the film industry, business and political figures, academics, professionals and entrepreneurs.


The Venue

The Venue:

The event will take place in the Principality of Monaco, at the Hotel de Paris on the legendary Place du Casino. The venue has been welcoming personalities and celebrities for over 150 years. The quintessentially iconic and exclusive ambiance of the Salle Empire will amaze every single guest. In 1956, on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace, dinner was served in this prestigious establishment. 20 years later, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace celebrated their wedding anniversary, this time in the intimacy of the Hotel’s wine cellars. Elegance will be everywhere, from the twinkling lights to the magnificent decorations, from the details of the music and ornaments to the aroma of the evening.


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