Asia’s best private island escapes

A holiday on a luxury private island really is the ultimate in modern escapism. From nature reserves near Bali to rainforest retreats in Malaysia to classy Cambodian eco-resorts, Asia has so many varied options just waiting to be enjoyed. You're sure to be indulged with jungle massage treatments, cruises to outlying, rarely visited coral reefs, an abundance of nature, the very best in service and the knowledge you have it all to yourself. These are Asia’s best luxury private islands.

Amanwana, Indonesia

Amanwana, or peaceful forest, is the only resort located on the island of Moyo, a nature reserve east of Bali.

A wilderness getaway of luxury tents set on a secluded cove overlooking the Flores Sea, Awanwana offers some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling in Indonesia, with pristine, protected reefs boasting a rich array of sea life.

Amanikan is the camp’s 32-metre coastal cruiser, which runs cruises to Rinca and the Komodo islands, where the legendary Komodo dragons can still be seen. Jungle treks on Moyo offer you the chance to discover waterfalls, a variety of birdlife, and a deer sanctuary for the indigenous rusa deer.

Pangkor Laut, Malaysia

A private island paradise two million years in the making, Pangkor Laut Resort is an incredible jungle island escape of secluded, pristine beaches and ancient rainforests.

The privileged exclusivity of the resort extends from the signature sea and spa villas that stand elegantly on stilts above the sea, to the traditionally styled beachfront villas and the garden and hillside villas that place you within a few steps of nature's abundance.

Song Saa, Cambodia

Cambodia’s first luxury private island resort,Song Saa spans the tiny islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong in Cambodia’s untouched Koh Rong archipelago, connected by a footbridge over a pristine marine reserve. The name means ‘sweethearts’ in the Khmer language, and the resort is as a seductive and harmonious as the name implies.

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