Four Seasons Paris unveils new penthouse suite

Four Seasons Hotel George V has introduced a new penthouse suite design by Pierre-Yves Rochon, offering 360-degree views of Paris.

Designed as a real Parisian pied-à-terre, the penthouse suite offers a romantic hideaway among the Paris rooftops, with six terraces offering uninterrupted views of the city. The understated, light and airy interior architecture puts the emphasis on open and elegant spaces, while the soft tones of the travertine flooring are reflected warmly in the walls decorated with sycamore and majilite.

Beautiful floral arrangements created by Jeff Leatham, the hotel's artistic director, create a sense of home the moment one opens the door.

An elegant winter garden is decorated in floral fabric and separated from the living room by a wrought iron door, while the spectacular beige marble bathroom has been designed to be as luxurious as a lounge.

Pierre-Yves Rochon was the brains behind this spectacular apartment. He worked with the biggest luxury houses such as Baccarat, Lalique, Lelièvre, Edmond Petit, Veraseta and Bobic (a Slovenian company specializing in yachting) for the furnishings and fittings, demonstrating the importance he attaches to precision, aesthetics and high standards.

"The aim was to redefine the idea of a hotel suite by creating a refined and inviting apartment," explains general manager Christopher Norton.

"For this haute couture work of art, I gave Mr Rochon complete creative freedom to design a unique, infinitely sophisticated place where the boundaries between the inside and the outside would be blurred, so that nature is part of the interior and vice versa.

With this in mind, we placed mirrors on certain walls of the balconies to create perspective, change the way we see common landmarks, and see Paris even when we are facing the other way.

Inside, we created warm, inviting and friendly spaces on a human scale, to recreate the feel of a cozy Parisian apartment.”

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