Malaysia Airlines to launch A380 flights from London

Malaysia Airlines has announced plans to introduce its first A380 service from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur from 01 July.

The first 494-seat aircraft, sporting a fresh livery, will operate three times a week on the London-KL route until August when a second A380 enters service in August to offer daily flights. A third A380 aircraft will be used for Kuala Lumpur to Sydney flights.

Group chief executive Encik Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said: “We are the first to introduce the A380 into service using a uniquely refreshed look and feel, instead of the regular corporate identity, to showcase our latest premium offering in products and services.

"This will be our flagship aircraft to launch our exciting new levels of comfort, luxury and convenience in long haul travel.

“The investment in this latest aircraft, its technology, futuristic style and innovative design in cabin comfort are our initiatives to ensure that our passengers continue to experience an exciting new level of comfort, luxury and convenience.

"This is the identity that will move us from traditional classic to premium contemporary in our efforts to position Malaysia Airlines as a preferred premium carrier.”

The airline will operate the A380s in a three-class configuration, offering first, business and economy classes, delivery ‘unique Malaysian hospitality a fine selection of Malaysian and International cuisines with lighter and healthier-concept meals’.

The carrier’s ‘Chef-on-Call’ facility, currently only available to first class passengers, will also be extended to those in business class on the A380.

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