Rock the Shack: The architecture of cabins, cocoons and hideouts


For the first time in the history of humankind, more people live in cities than in the country. Yet more and more city dwellers are yearning for rural farms, mountain cabins or seaside homes – an escape from the crowded and often claustrophobic cityscape.


These out-of-the-way idyllic retreats offer a refuge from modern life and a promise of the simple things urban life usually cannot provide: quiet, solitude, relaxation, a back-to-basics approach and a feeling of connection to nature. Rock the Shack from Gestalten takes us through a curated selection of these longed-for locales. It’s a survey of contemporary refuges from around the world – from the basic to the most luxurious.


The book features a compelling collection of cabins, cottages and cocoons. They range from sparse to intricately furnished second homes, tree houses, transformations and shelters. From weekend boltholes to get-away cabins, this kind of architecture embodies our need to relax in nature.


All of the diverse projects on show share an exceptional spirit that melds their uniqueness of location with the individual character of their owners and architects. Rather than arranging these retreats by their aesthetic trends and formal language, Rock the Shack organises them in relation to the natural environment they connect to - be it land, forest, mountain or water.

Edited by: Sven Ehmann, Sofia Borges Format: 24 x 30 cm Features: 240 pages, full colour, hardcover Language: English ISBN: 978-3-89955-466-3 Price: €39.90 / $60.00 / £35.00

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