Top five luxury hotels in Dubai

Dubai has become a leading symbol of opulence, wealth and luxury. From the towering Burj Khalifa to the artificial archipelago Palm Islands, visitors to Dubai are met with a sense of style and extravagance not seen anywhere else. In keeping with this image, there are a number of exclusive luxury hotels that cater for the traveller’s every whim.

Desert Palm Retreat

Originally created to cater for the owner’s love of horse riding and polo, the Desert Palm Retreat offers guests a choice of three different suites depending on your tastes. The Palm Suites on the topmost floor are best suited to couples and give you a panoramic view of the Dubai skyline. The Pool Villas have their own private swimming pools and outdoor rainfall showers, with the larger Pool Residences offering the ultimate privacy with the inclusion of a perimeter wall. The retreat also includes a riding school and four polo fields for you to try your hand at some equestrian leisure.

Al Maha Desert Resort

For the ultimate in luxury retreats, the Al Maha Desert Resort is second to none. The hotel is situated in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, about an hour’s drive from the heart of Dubai and offers a combination of high-end luxury and traditional Arabian culture. Every suite in the hotel has its own private swimming pool that allows you to control the temperature, and you are able to dine on the dunes in style with flame torches and elaborate Persian carpets for the ultimate in sophistication. The Desert Resort gives you the use of a personal field guide for exploring the reserve, where you can participate in horse riding and desert safaris.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is synonymous with the kind of style and class that has made Dubai famous. The hotel certainly earns its self-proclaimed ‘seven star’ status; the stylish, sail shaped hotel is built on an artificial island overlooking the Jumeirah and has its own tennis court on a platform that hangs from the roof of the hotel. With private check-ins and personal butlers, discretion and privacy are of high priority for the staff at the Burj, ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible. It’s no small wonder why this one tops most luxury hotel lists, as it consistently wins awards in the luxury travel industry.

The Raffles

This pyramid shaped beacon of sophistication is situated near the Wafi mall, which is also themed around ancient Egyptian architecture. The Raffles hotel offers you an experience of luxury that extends beyond the hotel itself, with its botanical gardens and outdoor exercise pools. Guests at The Raffles can also enjoy a choice of eight restaurants and all the rooms have private balconies overlooking the splendour of the city. The rooms and décor of the hotel blend Asian motifs with a distinctly ancient Egyptian charm, making them fit for a Pharaoh.

Le Royal Meridien

Le Royal Meridien serves to cater for your every need with its complimentary butler service in every one of its 500 rooms, as well as access to its spa and Penguin Club for children. The Royal Suite is the ultimate in extravagance with its own private sauna and Jacuzzi, also boasting ‘67 square metres of paradise’. The Caracalla Spa allows you hit the gym or get a Swedish full body massage before you take in the sights of Dubai, and the Maya Roof Top Bar gives you a sweeping view of the city as you ring in the early hours of the next day.

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