Domaine des EtangsFrance, Limoges

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  • 11th Century Chateau
  • Protected natural surroundings
  • Wellness centre

Set in the heart of the Charente, the Domaine des Etangs expands over 2,500 acres protected natural surroundings of forests, grassland and ponds.

The Chateau is gracious in its humility; bedecked in light stone, which strikes the perfect balance between earth and sky. It maintains the charm and the spirit of a typical family home, as well as some of the mystery of its origins, which can be dated back to the 11th century. Here you will find 7 vast suites and bedrooms, each of which are as different from one another as the stars after which they are named. On the ground floor, the library, the dining room, the smoking room and various lounges allow guests to while the time away with a book, a meal or a tipple. Four exceptional suites, located in the Longère, comes in addition to the Château’s suites, inspired by the four seasons The Château’s interior is interspersed here and there with antiques, tailor-made creations, unique objects and original artwork. A continuous dialogue is created between old and new, boldness and simplicity, and brought to life by the interior designer, Isabelle Stanislas. 

The Thermal bath, inspired by the Gallo-Romans ones, are located in the basement of the Château. They give guests the opportunity to participate in a complete thermal experience, which includes time in the indoor pool, steam rooms and the frigidarium. A place  for complete relaxation of the body and mind. 

It is a place where one can enjoy one or all of the seven suites in the 11th century Château, in the Longère which contains the four seasons, or in one or all of the six farmhouse cottages scattered across the Domaine. It is a haven of Life where a world of harmony has been created. A world in which a balanced Nature helps you refocus.

Take the time to stroll through the spiral-shaped vegetable garden, to admire the vegetables which today or tomorrow will adorn your plate in Dyades, the Michelin-star restaurant of the Domaine.

Indulge in the soothing treatments provided by Le Moulin des Etangs, the reconnection and wellness centre.

Listen to the lightest of children laughs throughout the Domaine des Enfants and rekindle your childhood spirit as you contemplate the works of art on display in La Laiterie. It is a singular place where the rhythm of time is content with following that of the seasons and of Nature.

Although each stone and each roof has been carefully restored according to tradition, the great variety of the contemporary works of art dotting it endows the Domaine with a sense of in-between: a quiet and peaceful place which brings together yesterday and tomorrow.

The Attic of the Château houses a large playroom in where, under the beautiful wooden framework, children - and those who never lost their inner child- can rummage treasures in the trunks, find games and costumes, engage in a baby-foot match or a pool tournament.

The restaurant is inspired by the dyad, the marriage of two complementary ideas and principles. It is also the name of the gourmet restaurant at Domaine des Etangs. A necessary balance to strike in any situation but particularly in the case of gastronomy, where a sense of harmony between ingredients is the key to a successful dish. A balance is also created between the rusticity of the restaurant’s old stone interior and the refined nature of the culinary experience it offers. Additional balance is created between pleasure for the palate and the enjoyment of guests , who receive a friendly service.

On one of your strolls, you may come across one of the farmhouse cottages. There are others, here and there, between two ponds, hidden in a verdant hollow, or sitting in a meadow which stretches out towards the horizon. There are six in total. Warm, cosy and transcending the passing of seasons and even centuries, each one is constructed out of stone, glass and wood, making use of the age-old/ traditional savoir-faire of expert craftsmen They are easily accessible, thanks to the C-Zéro electric cars which have been made available to our guests.

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In-Depth Villa Details



DIMENSIONS: 147 M² Bedroom 64 m² Living room 53 m² Bathroom 30 m² 
Venus is the largest and softest of our suites.  A place that nurtures love and beauty. Its vast lounge area featuring various coppery tones, signifies the beginning of a romantic journey on which you will embark. The bedroom is bathed in light streaming in from the windows and from the extraordinary ‘Wall of water’ photographic composition by Dieter Appelt. The bright, spacious bathroom has two windows that open onto natural surroundings. Here, the journey continues with a trip into space through Thomas Demand’s Constellation, 2000

DIMENSIONS: 53M² Living room 19m² Bedroom 24m² Bathroom 10m² 
Open any of the five doors of the lounge to reveal Jupiter’s beaming, orderly wisdom. A lounge, a bedroom, a walk-in shower, a hidden dressing room. Every room can be closed off from the rest to let guests share Janus’ pleasure of discovery. On the ceiling, two Omer Arbel chandeliers create their own Milky Way, their light reflected in Thomas Ruff’s Stern 03h51m-55°, which leans against a wall. 

DIMENSIONS: 102 M² Living room 54m² Bathroom 28m² Bedroom 20m² 
The sun is both colour and light; the only star that shines in the blue sky of day.
In the spacious lounge of this suite, you will find the two brushed brass discs of Laurent Grasso’s Soleil Double, which contrast with a neighboring neon sphere by Isabelle Stanislas
The adjacent bedroom consists of a glass ceiling, from which hangs a crystal chandelier to illuminate the tile sky. The bed rests in the hollow of a protective alcove. The bathroom bathes in the light streaming in from an open window, which overlooks the park.

DIMENSIONS: 76 M² Bedroom 28 m² Living room 27 m² Bathroom 14 m²
This is the kingdom of dark and light, bathed in blue and silver, designed to let you dream and lose yourself in the natural rhythm of time. In the entrance hall, reflections of bright light from the Massimiliano Locatelli table interact with the shimmering sofa. The quiet bedroom nurtures introspection as your gaze wanders a glass ceiling that reveals the interior architecture of the tower.

DIMENSIONS: 41 M² Bedroom 31 m² Bathroom 6 m²
A sense of silence and retreat presides over this tranquil room, housed in one of the Château’s towers. With its glass ceiling, fireplace and purple hues, Saturne cultivates a feeling of romantic refinement, which is reinforced by a number of engravings of the earth and sky from the 16th, 18th and 19th centuries hanging on the wall.

DIMENSIONS: 38 M² Bedroom 23 m² Bathroom 7 m² Mercure provides full disabled access.
It’s a quiet and gentle room, nestled at the base of a tower, on the banks of the château’s pond.
The headboard features a number of engravings showing the movement of Mars and Mercury in relation to Earth, a 16th century planisphere and a pair of wooden wings, perhaps used by Mercury himself in flying from one planet to the next. Decorated in leather, the chested drawer suitcases by Marteen de Ceulaer keep guests’ personal belongings safe.

DIMENSIONS: 36 M² Bedroom 23 m² Bathroom 8 m²
Warm and bathed in shades of prune and bordeaux red, the Mars room is a choice that the god of springtime and youth saves for those who are bold enough. This is a place for you to sleep or live your passions. On the headboard sit a number of plates including Mappemonde géographique de la planète Mars from 1782, Astronomie, a plate from the Diderot and Alembert encyclopaedia, and a pair of Malby globes from 1867.

DIMENSIONS: 63 M² Bedroom 21 m² Living Room 33 m² Bathroom 9 m² 
Soft green. Powder pink. Gold. These are the dominant colours here. Vivid and serene like the gleam of an apple tree in bloom, the atmosphere in this room calls for a sense of renewal and an endless journey.
Sitting in the far northeast corner of the cottage, this duplex-style suite has a lounge downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs.

DIMENSIONS: 63 M² Bedroom 21 m² Living Room 33 m² Bathroom 9 m² 
 This suite features an abundance of white and gold light, which is representative of the sun’s brightness during the summertime, when nights are shorts and evenings are long. Flanked by the Printemps and Automne suites, the Été duplex suite has a lounge downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs.

DIMENSIONS: 85 M² Bedroom 28 m² Living Room 40 m² Bathroom 13 m²
The various shades of purple and beige which dominate the interior of this suite take inspiration from the vivid and blossoming colours found in nature
This duplex-style suite, nestled between the Été suite and the reception, features a lounge downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. 

DIMENSIONS: 75 M² Bedroom 26 m² Living Room 38 m² Bathroom 11 m² 
The Hiver suite is shrouded in shades of silver white and blue, evoking the silence and peace of sleepy natural surroundings.
Sitting on the first floor of the Longère, this suite has its own lounge, bedroom and bathroom. The entrance is available by the reception area. 


With its deceivingly classic interior, this living area conveys true personality: a touch of humour from the large family painting by Hans-Peter Feldmann, the shimmer of the glass wall lamps by Murano and one eye looking up at the stars thanks to the presence of an 1872 Secrétan telescope.


Vast and well-lit, the entrance hall creates a tone which is classic but equally contemporary, with its majestic staircase, its bestiary and its sparkling constellation suspended from the ceiling.


In this understated living area, a magnificient bar welcomes the guests and the stunning Onyx armchairs are accentuated with a cashmere finish and the vast fabric rug designed by Ateliers Pinton balances out the roughness of the stone walls


This cosy living space, dominated by powerdy shades is a place where secrets are shared in hushed voices, in a setting dating back to 1650, with the addtion of ceiling lights created by Ralph Nauta et Lonneke Gordijn, which are delicately accentuated with Dandelion clock fragments.


In addition to the abundance of books and games available here, you also have the opportunity to clear your head in one of the more quiet corners of the room, basking in the heat from the nearby chimney.


This stately farmhouse spans 393 m² and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding nature and ponds. Its five rooms can accommodate a total of  10 guests.

At the end of the vast entrance hall, you will come across a fountain which is reminiscent of roman times. The combination of wood, glass and stone creates an unprecedented experience in warm surroundings. The Univers bathroom has a large copper tub guaranteed to inspire tranquility and peace of mind. The Etoile and Comète bedrooms are located on the ground floor (adjoining) as well as the Galaxie. The Univers and Astéroïde bedrooms are situated on the first floor, and each have their own lounge with a view of the entrance hall.

The Pégase farmhouse covers 273 m2 and has five bedrooms, including three on the ground floor: Etoile and Comète (adjoining) and Galaxie. The two upstairs rooms include Univers (via the wooden walkway) and Astéroide. The farmhouse can accommodate up to 10 people.  

The large lounge on the ground floor has two mammoth bay windows, affording an unobstructed view of the pond and surrounding nature. At night, the omnipresent transparency of the windows reveals a hidden set of black-out blinds. The copper wash basins enhance the distinctive look of the bathrooms. Skylights create a source of natural brightness upstairs. The strong colours are a perfect match for the Domaine’s mix of green, rock and wood.

This 164 m² farmhouse borders a pond on the west side of the Domaine and offers a wonderful viewpoint and exceptional calm. It includes one downstairs bedroom (Galaxie) and two more rooms upstairs (Etoile and Comète). The farmhouse can accommodate up to six people. Two large openings fill the lounge with a remarkable amount of light and provide access to the outside, allowing you to enjoy the splendour of the surrounding natural landscape An irresistible haven of calm on the edge of wide green meadows.

Cassiopée stands at the heart of the Domaine, stretching over 221 m², with two upstairs bedrooms: Univers and Astéroïde. This farmhouse can accomodate up to 4 people. The enormous chimney in the lounge lends a warmth and uniqueness to the place. It’s large dining area plays host to friendly dinners, which continue for even longer down in the wine cellar.

Centaure offers 166 m² of living space and features a distinctive, well-lit lounge with light colours in a mix of sand and driftwood. The refined surroundings inspire both relaxation and conviviality. A hint of contemporary design adds just the right touch to the room without ever losing sight of its authenticity. Centaure can accommodate four people. It includes two bedrooms: Comète, downstairs, and Univers, a large twin room with its own lounge, upstairs. There is another lounge on the first floor, featuring glass flooring that lets the light shine through to the downstairs area.

Licorne is the perfect place for a couple, just a stone’s throw from the château. The 106 m2 farmhouse affords a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. It has one bedroom and can accommodate two people. The spacious lounge offers a welcoming embrace. The warm, handcrafted decor immediately encourages the mind to wander. The upstairs bedroom sits on a wide mezzanine made of wood and stone. Yellow and taupe are the dominant colors, blending harmoniously with the open stonework to conjure a feeling of peace and romance.


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