Como Shambhala BayugitaIndonesia, Bali, Ubud

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  • Infinity pool surrounding rice fields
  • Execursions and activities
  • Access to fabulous restaurants

Among Bali retreats, this Residence—whose name means Windsong—combines the clean lines of Balinese tradition with details from colonial Java, like Victorian antique baths and Venetian and Dutch beds. There is a Como Shambhala Suite with Jacuzzi, two Terrace Suites (of 45sqm/484sqft and 80sqm/861sqft), one Garden Room and a study, which can be used as an additional bedroom or treatment room.  Outside, the dramatic infinity-edge pool stretches towards the surrounding rice fields.

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  • Private Pool
  • Air Conditioning

In-Depth Villa Details


- Service of a personal assistant

- Air conditioning

- Direct dial telephones

- Internet access

- Satellite TV

- DVD player

- CD player

- Electronic safe

- Private bar

- Bathroom amenities

- Hairdryer

- Complimentary tea/coffee-making facilities


You can immerse yourself in the flavours of Indonesian cuisine at Kudus House, or enjoy the balance, nutrition and sophisticated tastes of our healthy cuisine on all-day menus at glow. This is where our focus on nutrition reveals the power of certain foods to maximize personal performance, increase concentration and energy and calibrate blood-sugar levels.

We also make dining flexible and easy, offering a variety of options to suit different moods and tastes, from a romantic dinner for two on your suite’s terrace to a family meal in a private Residence. To help direct those on specific wellness programmes, we have a resident nutrionist, while our Ayurvedic doctor also creates special Ayurvedic diets to match your individual requirements.


More than any other Bali spa resort, provides a completely  immersive, 360-degree wellbeing experience.

In addition to our comprehensive treatments, activities and healthful cuisine, we also believe adventure and cultural discovery should be part of the holistic approach. You will therefore find many activities in our daily schedule of activities that work in tandem with the comprehensive plan devised for your own personal goals.

Wellness Programmes

Our Wellness Programmes are designed for stays of different lengths—three, five or seven nights—with therapies focused on different purposes.

We have designed them to deliver comprehensive, well-priced combinations of meals, treatments and activities in a way that also allows two people sharing an accommodation to opt for different programmes.

Priority reservations for our Schedule of Activities and spa treatments will be given to guests on Wellness Programmes.

Children under 16 years of age may not join the Wellness Programmes.

Biking, Walking & Trekking

For those who wish to explore Bali’s lush, nature-rich countryside while getting some exercise we have devised a range of guided walking, biking and trekking routes to suit all interests and abilities.


Bali is one of more than 18,000 Indonesian Islands (Indonesia is the largest island archipelago in the world) and part of the Lesser Sunda Island group.  It lies between Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

The island is approximately 153 kilometres (95 miles) wide and 112 kilometres (69 miles) deep and covers 5,632 square kilometres (2,175 square miles). Bali is situated eight degrees south of the equator, and despite its small size, has an impressive mountain range that includes peaks of over 3,000 metres, all of which are scalable with the assistance of a guide.

The deep blue Indian Ocean lies to the south and the Bali Sea to the north.  The Bali Strait runs between Bali and Java.

The nearby islands of Java and Lombok differ from Bali both culturally and spiritually, Bali being the only Hindu island in a predominantly Muslim region.

Bali itself is made up of regions that vary dramatically in their topography.  The Bukit Peninsula is a limestone tableland to the country’s south where many of the luxury resorts are located.  Seminyak, with its attractive beaches, has numerous villas, galleries and boutiques and is located northwest of Bukit. Kuta is the main beach area, and crowded with backpackers, while Legian, west of Kuta, has a greater concentration of upmarket hotels and restaurants.  North Bali has lesser-visited black sand beaches and East Bali has a dramatic coastline as well as a lush, sleepy interior made up of terraced paddy fields backed with the peaks of volcanoes. Ubud, where the villa is located, is an artists’ town in the island’s lush central foothills, 90 minutes drive from the capital, Denpasar.

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